Limit duplicate payments risk with software from Fiscal Technologies

As with every step forward and with the crossing of each new frontier, the constant expansion of business – and the constant development of accounting technology and multiplication of business models and strategies – presents firms with new challenges and new dangers. Your Accounts Payable department is now a hugely more complex beast than its predecessors of even a decade ago were: and it is laden with burdensome and serious new responsibilities. What’s more, any increase in the size of your AP department, let alone in its complexity, necessarily opens the door to an increased threat of errors: and they can add up. The new complexity and diversity of the ways in which AP  departments receive payments has created mind-boggling new tasks – and this means new dangers of things falling between the cracks. In a more complex, higher-stakes department, old dangers like fraud, duplicate payments and overpayment still loom large, but in new ways

Rubbing out routine errors like duplicate payments, faulty procedures or just failures to get the most out of the programmes that you use requires proactive self-auditing. In order to really get to grips with the challenges of a modern and expanding organisation, you need an excellent Accounts Payable audit system. That’s where Fiscal Technologies’ AP Forensics software package comes in. AP Forensics is an easy-to-use system which can give you an oversight of your whole AP operation from A to Z.Â

The technology choices that businesses make are now crucial to the success of your accounts payable audit operation. The recovery audit software that you use has to be absolutely top of the range – or else it is simply useless. Fiscal Technologies’ accounts payable audit software package AP Forensics falls firmly into the former category. One of AP Forensic’s greatest virtues is its simplicity. The system is designed to be as straightforward and intuitive for AP professionals as possible, so that information gleaned from your AP Forensics audit can be quickly converted into effective corrective action.Â

Accounts Payable Audit software isn’t the only important weapon in Fiscal Technologies’ armoury. Recovery audit software, designed to assist with recovery of money lost through overpayments or other errors which are detected after the transaction has been completed, is a vital tool: AP Forensics has the software solutions that are needed for effective recovery audits, as well as audits of your AP department’s procedures.

Fiscal Technologies’ decade of experience in the AP field points to the fact that if your staff are not adequately motivated; or if they are not suitably prepared for the fast pace of technological and organisational change, then even the most well-meaning management strategies for improving AP will leave your team feeling shell-shocked rather than empowered. AP Forensics is the software package that you need that can deliver the clear information and hard facts that AP teams require to navigate their way confidently through the changing AP environment.

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Sales presentations: easy to do, tricky to do well

Powerpoint presentations have become a mainstay of business sales presentations. The theory is sound: some people don’t take in spoken information very well (in the jargon, they are not ‘auditory learners’) and so another strand of media enables you to communicate in a way that they will engage with more effectively. Competent Powerpoint design allows them to hold and take away material that they otherwise would not.

The problem is that so many Powerpoint presentations are badly designed that they detract from sales pitches rather than give anything to them. In many cases they are approached as a kind of add-on; the talk is written, then the Powerpoint slides are made as an afterthought. What this often means is that they’re not bringing anything distinctive to the presentation. Instead, they just pull out some of the more mundane or uninteresting aspects and repeat them in visual form. This kind of bolt-on extra is immediately recognisable for what it is – redundant.

In other cases, it’s even worse. The sales pitch itself isn’t inspiring, but for some reason the speaker assumes that a good set of slides will sell the product or idea instead. That’s not realistic; if your pitch isn’t any good then a top set of visuals isn’t going to fix that for you.

Powerpoint design is harder than you think, which is why there are professionals and companies out there who make a living out of creating successful presentations on your behalf – and training you to to build them for yourself. The slides need to be integrated seamlessly with your talk and bring something worthwhile to it. They should tell a story, they should be coherent, and they should communicate to your audience something that cannot be communicated via the spoken word. Crucially, you’ll probably find that a few exceptional slides do a far better job of winning over your audience than a large number of substandard slides. Don’t deluge the room with information: choose carefully what you want them to remember, then present it in a memorable form.

Powerpoint presentations show no sign of declining in popularity, but high-quality Powerpoint design is critical if you want your sales presentations to catch your audience’s mind. All too often they are lacklustre and uninspiring, adding nothing to the words you speak. And, all too often, a set of bright slides is expected to carry an otherwise inadequate presentation. This is an opportunity for you: do it right and you’ll easily rise above the rest.

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Use a SEO Company to Get a Better Website for Your Business

Most businesses make the mistake of believing that just by having a website; they will be able to increase their sales and successes. Naturally, having a website is the most important step for making sure that you will be successful in your endeavor, as nowadays most people do their shopping through the Internet. In fact, even big businesses choose|select|elect} to use the Internet for buying their products and services, since it permits them to choose from a variety of products.

Naturally, one great flashy website with lots of good products and with good prices won’t make people come to visit your site. The only means to do that would be by diverting web traffic to your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. This is important, as you will have random traffic and random people who will visit your website to become your potential customers. But, in order to have your website rank high in the search engines, you will have to be certain that you do the necessary search engine optimisation for success.

However, the concept of search engine optimisation is very diverse. In order to be successful, you will have to be certain that you realize the algorithm of search engine rankings. Thus, this is where the concept of an seo company comes in as a seo company will take the required steps to perform search engine optimisation for your website. This is a complicated subject, since search engine optimisation deals with a lot of criteria. These criteria include:

-    Making sure that you have enough keyword density of all relevant keywords related to your products and services in your website.
-    Your page names should be relevant to the scope of your website.
-    Your meta tags should have relevant information concerning your website and its contents
-    A successful website for a successful search engine optimisation needs to have a lot of rich and usable content for success.
-    seo company can be certain that your website has all its internal links working as broken links is a sure way to get a low rank in the search engines.
-    Your website have to have a detailed map outlining its pages for the search engine robots, since these search engine robots will visit your website from time to time.
-    Your website have to be registered to as many web directories as possible, since this way your search engine ranking can improve with many links leading to your website.
-    A Good search engine optimisation will be certain that your website has external links coming in from other websites.
-    You should work with local London search engine Optimisations Company to be certain that you receive high quality treatment for your website.

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School clothes for multiple children: issues and solutions

During the holidays, many urban parents have one big unchecked item on their to-do list: finding a good London schoolwear supplier. School uniforms are one of the most consistent expenses in a parent’s life, and a good supplier can make all the difference between a long and laborious hike around various department stores, looking for that just-right shade of navy, red or green, and a quick trip to pick up everything children need for school.

Once the reserve of elite public schools and private schools, official school uniforms are now common in all types of schools for children from the ages of five to 18. And following research on the benefits of formal clothes for children, school clothes are increasingly detailed.

Many think that having to wear a tie, blazer, or specific type of collar gives children an early lesson in the importance of self-discipline and presentation. Perhaps it’s true: what is inarguable is that it means a lot of effort for parents, especially those who have multiple children at various schools, or who don’t have a lot of time on their hands due to demanding jobs or family pressures. Finding a collar with just the right type of tips, or the right shade of grey for a child’s tights, can be a huge headache. Many schools also use school uniforms to create a distinct feeling of identity for their school, which makes children and teenagers feel like they belong, and improves team spirit. This is an admirable goal, but can mean that an ever-spiraling list of different types of uniform are needed -“ gone are the times when a child can wear the same array of clothes from Reception classes to sixth-form college.

Luckily, many London schoolwear suppliers make a point of making this task easier for parents. Having a wide range of sizes in stock, including school clothes for multiple schools in an area, can mean that school uniform shopping becomes a one-stop shop. Every parent wants their child to be well turned out, and in a teen culture that’s often full of one-upmanship, having the right clothes is a huge weight off a child’s or teenager’s mind: leaving him or her free to concentrate on classes and coursework instead of outgrown shirts or hemline lengths.

Nowadays the -˜big shop’ isn’t parents’ only option for new uniform. With online and telephone ordering, kitting out the kids for a new term can be as simple as a few clicks on the computer. However, to work like this it’s indispensable for parents to have a London schoolwear supplier that they can trust. Throwing in lunchboxes, backpacks, pencil cases and enrichment activity clothes for ballet or karate makes the whole process fulfilling and -“ every parents’ dream - easy.

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Recovery audit software: creating transparency in payments systems

Accounts payable audit are necessary for any business which suspects it may be at risk of making duplicate payments, invoice payment mistakes or other financial hiccups - which can have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect on a company with a complicated accounts payable department. If a business is paying many different contractors and service providers, in can be easy to lose track of just how accurate its payments are. In the case of a company coping with out-of-date or ineffective systems, these payments can spiral until they represent significant losses.

That’s why most accounts payable departments commonly use a recovery audit, to see just where they’re misplacing money. However, recovery audits can be expensive in themselves, and cumbersome, if the appropriate technologies are not in place. Increasingly, accounts payable audit are at their most effective when paired with recovery audit software that automatically sees flaws in accounting and invoicing systems. This includes the spotting of inaccurate or duplicate payments, overpayments, missed discounts, currency conversion errors, unclaimed cheques, incorrect tax adjustments and even attempted fraud.

Due to the expense and intricacy of good-quality recovery audit software, most firms use services that provide them with built-in tools. Because these tools are the main function of an accounts payable software company, rather than a sideline, the company can invest a lot more in keeping them up to date and at maximum capability - basically, hundreds of clients will share the cost of one software system, and have the hassle taken off their backs.

Generally, recovery audit software is operated online, with clients able to check in on the process and see results in an accessible format whenever they want to. No more waiting for office staff to come up with reports or worrying about what they might have forgotten - the software is kept backed up and up to date by the company supplying and operating the software. Much of this software includes prevention tools that make recovery audit a constant process, rather than a regular labourious task: and make sure that errors, frauds and overpayments are stopped at once. For some large companies, this represents a saving of millions of dollars, even before they factor in the staff time and office resources that have been freed up by relying on a software system. Many systems will even automate historical claims to debtors or contractors, so that the lost revenue is back in the company’s account as fast as possible.

In the realm of accounts payable audit, this software can be a transformative tool. Human error is all but eliminated, and employees can breathe easily, knowing that they’re not throwing away money through mistakes that get lost in the net.


Bacs and digital payments: the full story

Bacs is a not-for-profit member organisation which has been an essential part of automated payments and electronic transfers in the UK, US and Europe for decades. An industry body owned by 16 prominent banks and building societies, it uses Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit to carry out transactions, and is the hidden spine of the UK’s automated payments system “Bacs software” is a phrase used to refer to a software solution which automates Bacs payments.Â

Although many people haven’t heard of the group, they will almost certainly have used its services. During 2013, 5.67 billion separatedifferent payments were made by UK employers, employees, traders or customers. Three quarters of the adult UK population currently have at least one Direct Debit set up (for subscription services, to pay utilities, phone or internet bills or to donate to charity) while Direct Credit payments are used by organisations supplying benefits, wages or salaries.

However, you shouldn’t just trust any organisation claiming to offer Bacs software for automated payments. The body very tightly controls which software suppliers are allowed to use their two software offerings, Bacstel-IP and Secure-IP for Faster Payments. Solution suppliers must show that they can offer the highest level of security for their Bacs payments, and are tested by the body through a series of processes before they can legally advertise themselves as using ‘approved software’. Look for the Software Service Logo, or simply look up the company you’re considering on the body’s own online list of approved organisations.Â

A good approved payment system should offer direct integration with your office and accounts system to automate your files, invoices and bills into the template required to carry out a Bacs payment: Faster Payments, Direct Credits or Direct Debits. All stages in the software should be password-controlled, and the software should handle all requirements for you in order to make and receive payments within three days.Â

Bacs software is used by many different organisations across many different sectors. It can be used by employers to make sure that weekly wages, monthly salaries, or employees’ mortgages and pension contributions are always on time, secure and accurate. It can also be used to collect Direct Debit and other subscription payments, without the accountant having to do anything manually. It’s essential to make sure that you’re using a reliable automated payments provider – but when a solution is Bacs approved, you know that it’s safe and reliable thanks to their exhaustive testing for licensees.

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Get an Eyeful of the latest in PowerPoint presentations

It appears to have become a truth universally acknowledged that business presentations are boring: and if they are not drab, then they are toe-curlingly bad. Gimmicky graphics, baffling images, mickey-mouse PowerPoint design,uninspiring text matched by a hesitant, monotone explanation: it appears that most businesses accept that these are simply routineparts of the ritual disappointments which are sales presentations. But why should this be? It’s not on that we should have resigned ourselves to an important part of organisational life being more or less routinely below par. Would this kind of routine malfunction be accepted in any other area of office life? Faulty fire escapes, malfunction-prone delivery vans, dial-up internet connections? No way – so why sales presentations and PowerPoint design? Something has got to change.

Step forward, Eyeful Presentations! The ambitious team at Eyeful (also known as Eyefulites) have given themselves the task of overcoming the blight of bad PowerPoint presentations, with energy, innovation and vigour. They offer a rounded package of measures to give your sales presentations a much-needed shot in the arm. Eyeful will inoculate your sales presentations against such maladies as “death by PowerPoint”, presentation anxiety, and technical disaster.

Not everyone is a born performer. And not everyone has a natural, innate gift for crafting perfect sales presentations. But the Eyeful team will do their level best to make you a star of the presentations stage, and a PowerPoint artist. Eyeful’s basic philosophy is that they don’t want you to simply outsource the business of producing PowerPoint presentations: they view their job as training up your very own army of Eyefulite presentation geniuses within your organisation, and transforming your overall PowerPoint design and presentation practice from within.Â

Fresh thinking is key – Eyeful run a plethora of Eyeful Labs, presentation seminars, workshops and training programmes whose main objective is to get you to look at the task of crafting and delivering a presentation differently, with a liberated eye. From deceptively simple matters of design technique, like crafting a presentation around the framework of a story to make it more memorable and gripping for your audience; to the practical business of getting up on the podium and presenting your heart out; to the technical questions of how to make your software really go to work for you as best it can, the Eyeful strategy is all about turning your colleagues into lean, mean presentation machines. So say goodbye to the dark, dark night of substandard PowerPoint design presentations, and step into the light of excellent sales presentations with Eyeful!

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Document processing and storage recommendations

A document management system allows you to store all of your business documents, physical and electronic, on the same network. Physical documents are converted to electronic ones via a set of document processing technologies, which can take a number of different forms. (Invoice processing just applies these technologies to your accounts department.) The resulting files may be Word documents, if you have more advanced software such as optical character recognition, or they may be JPEGs, TIFFs and PDFs if they are straightforward scans.

The advantages of document processing are significant. Companies can literally become paperless, since everything can be uploaded and kept centrally, allowing anyone with permission to access it as they require it. However, it’s not a panacea, and used unwisely there are some problems. One of the reasons you’ll want to research using such a system is because it is more environmentally friendly, since it doesn’t waste paper. Another is that documents can be found and shared quickly.

However, there are knock-on effects to other parts of your business. Your IT infrastructure will need to be up-to-date and future-proofed to prevent issues. A major problem to anticipate is storage space.Â

Document processing turns physical papers into electronic outputs. The software involved does this in a range of ways and with a variety of results. Some outputs (file types) are more suitable than others. So, for example, a simple scan programme might give you a TIFF or PDF. These images can be optimised – or they can contain a huge amount of unnecessary information. Where files are larger than they need to be (and they can run to many tens of megabytes) your storage space will fill up fast. Sooner or later you will have to do something about it to keep your system working. That might be adding further storage (which is reasonably cheap but can come with the complications of restructuring), moving to the cloud (costly) or carrying out a complex de-dup.

The solution is to think long-term when you are moving to a paperless system. Document processing technology should be chosen on your future needs, not just current ones or simple price level. Otherwise, your document management system will become overloaded and you will end up paying more for extra storage. Invoice processing, too, could become over-complicated, with customer and supplier goodwill suffering as a result. Since this is something you probably wanted to address and streamline with invoice processing, it’s as well to ensure it doesn’t become a problem further down the line when the new system has been implemented.

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London schoolwear supplier: what are the advantages?

Buying school uniforms is a perennial chore that traditionally occurs towards the end of the long summer holidays, though you may need to buy school clothes at any time. Whilst an online London schoolwear supplier can save you time and money, are there enough reasons to opt for this rather than the more normal method of traipsing round the shops yourself – children in tow?

The pros certainly outweigh the cons, but many people will need some convincing. After all, getting it wrong can be a real inconvenience, and if you’ve left it to the last moment then you won’t have a lot of time to set things right.

1) It’s cheaper. Buying online is almost always cheaper, mainly because online retailers don’t have the overheads – staff, premises, utilities – that high-street shops have to pay. They can keep their stock in a warehouse and post it to customers. But given the lower costs, the quality is just the same – they come from the same wholesalers.

2) It’s faster. At least, it’s faster to order – it just takes a few clicks of the mouse. There’s no need to drag your children around several shops to find what you need. It will take at least a day to post them to you – more if you don’t pay for expedited delivery. If you’re really working up to the wire, it might be better to buy in person. But even then, a good London schoolwear supplier will deliver to the school itself, so your child will have what they need.

3) If the clothes don’t fit it’s not a disaster. You’ll need to measure your kids up carefully, but you can use existing well-fitting clothes as a guide for that too. If you get the school clothes and for some reason they don’t fit properly, you can send them back and have them exchanged. Unless it’s the day before school starts again, this shouldn’t be a problem.

4) You can buy everything you need. Not only are all the regular brands for school uniforms on offer, but you can also pick up bags, stationary, shoes, calculators, gym kit – everything they’ll need for the new term. That makes for a stress-free end to the holidays.

A good online London schoolwear supplier can make shopping for school clothes fast, cheap and almost painless. You’re not tied to particular times of day, so if you work you won’t have to take time off. Plus, you can buy a lot more than just school uniforms: you’re ready for the school year in one fell swoop.

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Glass louvres -€“ putting employees and the environment first

The modern tendency for office buildings is large, open rooms with broad windows. This gives a fantastic impression of space and light, very different from older buildings in which you might have worked – which can feel more cramped and dark. However, the light open-plan office can come at the expense of comfort and the environment. Air circulation can be bad, and the enormous windows mean that the building can heat up fast – necessitating air conditioning in the summer – or be cold in the winter, with higher heating bills. A brise soleil will reduce direct sunlight (the chief cause of overheating) and the glare that can be uncomfortable and, depending on your line of work, destructive to materials. glass louvres can likewise reduce unwanted sunlight, are fitted to existing windows, and can be used in conjunction with solar PV generation. They can be adjusted. External louvres are another option, attached to brickwork and coming in a wide range of designs.

The advantages of these systems are several. Firstly, they reduce energy bills. Excess sunlight in the summer requires air conditioning to be installed if the building is to be at an acceptable temperature. Louvres cut out the high-angle and fierce summer or midday sun, whilst allowing in the heat and light at cooler times. This is especially the case if motorised louvres are used. That means you get the benefits in both summer and winter – reducing the need for heating.

Secondly, staff are more comfortable without the extremes of temperature, dryness and glare – meaning that they are more productive, too. Additionally, some materials are sensitive to bright sunlight. Paper can become brittle and inks fade; art galleries and design companies need to be particularly aware of this. However, at the same time these premises need to be airy and well lit to make the most of the contents – a hard balance to achieve.

Lastly, glass louvres or a brise soleil can be an attractive addition to a building, or even an aspect of its innate look if they are included at the design stage. External louvres can be very attractive if installed properly and in the correct style. These three reasons – energy efficiency, comfort and appearance – should give every business reason to consider investigating these means of controlling the amount of sunlight and heat that enter their room. They come in a huge range of designs, suitable for almost any kind of building.

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