London kickboxing club shows its girly side

It can only be great news that more women are now taking part in sport, even if the increase in participants is slower than health experts would like. Women are increasingly eschewing the more familiar ‘female’ exercise classes such as aerobics in favour of more high intensity work-outs for example spinning and there is always particular interest in the latest trends in the exercise world, especially in fashion-conscious London. Kickboxing classes, for instance are attracting an increasingly female audience and the London kickboxing club scene are experiencing a huge surge in women wanting to participate. Although martial arts in general are popular across the country, for sheer breadth of variety in different styles of kickboxing London is difficult to beat.

Kickboxing attracts many women eager to learn a few self-defence moves and women in crime-ridden urban settings are understandably more likely to be drawn to a multi-purpose form of exercise which offers advantages beyond solely getting fit. London kickboxing clubs are keen to promote this added benefit of kickboxing. London kickboxing classes are also subject to more competition, given the number available and clubs cannot afford not to appeal to their female members. However, far more participants these days are interested in the body-toning aspects of martial arts.

Kickboxing as fitness trend is the latest to come from America and is particularly celebrity-driven. There are the obvious examples of female stars who have used martial arts in their on-screen work, such as Sarah Michelle Geller of ‘Buffy’ fame, who has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as having trained in numerous other martial arts. Lucy Liu probably found more use for her kickboxing talents in her ‘Kill Bill’ role than in ‘Ally McBeal’, where her rapier wit was her preferred weapon but, in both cases, the actresses’ famous physiques were due mostly to their martial arts training.

London kickboxing classes are feeling a direct impact from this celebrity trend. With such influential stars crediting their enviable physiques to martial arts workouts, the London kickboxing club scene is inundated with women looking for the same type of benefits. What they are realising is that they gain far more than a toned body from kickboxing London ladies interested in kickboxing are also discovering that the addictive properties of this kind of workout derive from the extra flexibility, strength, and stamina they gain, not to mention the increased mental agility and post workout calm which martial arts bring. With this broad appeal, this is a trend which is likely to have lasting appeal.

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