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London kickboxing classes – work out a bit of office stress

London kickboxing classes come in all different types, and at different times of the day and week. That means that if you’re looking for a London kickboxing club, there will almost certainly be something that suits you. Whether or not you keep regular office hours, there will be a venue and an instructor teaching at […]

A kickboxing club will offer more than just sparring

Kickboxing is a popular past-time that offers a huge range of benefits. The right kickboxing club will – obviously – teach you the punches, kicks, blocks and dodges characteristic of this martial art, but much else besides. There is the sparring – otherwise known as fighting in fixed circumstances, determined by strict rules – by […]

London kickboxing club shows its girly side

It can only be great news that more women are now taking part in sport, even if the increase in participants is slower than health experts would like. Women are increasingly eschewing the more familiar ‘female’ exercise classes such as aerobics in favour of more high intensity work-outs for example spinning and there is always […]

Kickboxing London: fun exercise for everyone in the capital!

Are you interested in taking London kickboxing classes? Maybe you should be! It is a superb way to get fit and feel healthy. When choosing a London Kickboxing club, it might be a bit overwhelming when you are confronted by the multitude of different styles of kickboxing London has to offer. Make sure you take […]