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Presentation Training and the latest in Presentation Design

It appears to have become a truth universally acknowledged that business presentations are boring: and if they are not drab, then they are toe-curlingly bad. Gimmicky graphics, baffling images, mickey-mouse PowerPoint design,uninspiring text matched by a hesitant, monotone explanation: it appears that most businesses accept that these are simply routineparts of the ritual disappointments which […]

The benefits of audio visual conferencing

As websites and the internet have hastened the speed of communication, it seems that the ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office will be the key to succeeding in business.  Video conferencing allows us to do precisely that.  audio visual conferencing is an excellent driver for productivity, allowing us to […]

Powerpoint design can only take you so far -€“ advice on better presentation technique

We have all seen generic Powerpoint presentations that make us want to drop off to sleep.  The main issue to be aware of when creating and delivering sales presentations is making sure the audience come away with information that is in line with the original point of the presentation.  If the audience leave the presentation […]

Video conferencing can improve your business

video conferencing is now an integral part of many businesses’ offices around the world. The swift developments made in hi-tech audio visual conferencing equipment in recent years means that more and more businesses are making use of it to stay in contact with colleagues and clients. It is a remarkably uncomplicated device to use, even […]