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What are the reasons for joining a contractor umbrella company?

As contracting has really taken off in recent years, and especially since IR35 became law in 2000, there has been a surge in the number of contractor umbrella companies.  These companies offer the opportunity to be on the CIS payroll, working for a number of different companies at once.  You can then take advantage of […]

Video conferencing can improve your business

video conferencing is now an integral part of many businesses’ offices around the world. The swift developments made in hi-tech audio visual conferencing equipment in recent years means that more and more businesses are making use of it to stay in contact with colleagues and clients. It is a remarkably uncomplicated device to use, even […]

Kickboxing is fast becoming a popular way to stay fit

kickboxing may sound like a very demanding way in which to take exercise, but it is increasing in popularity as people look to counteract the boredom of sitting at a desk all day and then occasionally sitting on a machine in a gym, probably gazing at yet more screens. If you are thinking of taking […]

I don’t want to do a graduate scheme – so how do I find a job that was right for me?

I spent most of my time at university having fun and studying, devoting very little time to graduate jobs.  It was only really in May of my final year that my thoughts turned seriously to what I was going to do after my degree.  I had studied History, which is one of the least vocational […]

Jobs in radiography to pharmaceutical professions: allied health is extremely diverse

Allied health jobs make up a very significant proportion of the health care work force. While the sorts of professional that people typically link with healthcare are doctors, dentists and nurses, these professions make up less than half of that work force. The rest is made up of allied health care professions, among others, such […]

Hospitality jobs Singapore are a great way to start in catering

If you work in catering, I can definitely suggest that you consider the opportunities for hotel jobs Dubai has to offer. Today, the information about the jobs on offer is all instantly available through specialist hospitality jobs websites. I have worked in Dubai for over three years now over several different stints. Also, I have […]