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Duplicate payments can stealthily eat into your company’s profits

Any accounts manager will recognise that things don’t always add up as neatly as they should. It ought to be simple in principle: incomings, outgoings, profit, loss – the columns should balance. When they don’t, you can be nearly certain of the reason why: human error. duplicate payments are easy to make when people are […]

Rugged transport PC for working on the move

A rugged PC is basically a computer that is made to work in challenging environments – i.e., environments that provide unsteady conditions, extreme temperatures or other problems not encountered in everyday computer operating environments. Within this remit, there is a range of  various specifications, and these can be designed, of course, to equip the PC […]

Phono stage sound cannot be replaced by mp3s

As I was looking at the website of one of my favourite phono stage suppliers the other day, I caught a really disappointing piece of news on their phono amp related feed. It made me feel very nostalgic, and no less sad, to learn about the discontinuation of Panasonic’s Technics range of turntables. In a […]