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Hospitality jobs Singapore blend work and travel

So many people find their jobs unstimulating in our modern climate where computers dominate. A vast number of workers are forced to work in stuffy offices. No wonder these people start dreaming of travelling to far-flung foreign locations where they could discover a new way of life. Normally the average worker will find it tricky […]

The benefits of audio visual conferencing

As websites and the internet have hastened the speed of communication, it seems that the ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office will be the key to succeeding in business.  Video conferencing allows us to do precisely that.  audio visual conferencing is an excellent driver for productivity, allowing us to […]

A kickboxing club will offer more than just sparring

Kickboxing is a popular past-time that offers a huge range of benefits. The right kickboxing club will – obviously – teach you the punches, kicks, blocks and dodges characteristic of this martial art, but much else besides. There is the sparring – otherwise known as fighting in fixed circumstances, determined by strict rules – by […]