Social Work Jobs are Easy to Find with Sanctuary Personnel

Social work is a career for those who like to lend a hand in improving the lives of others. Social services jobs give assistance to adults, the aged, children, schools, the disabled, families and/or inhabitants of rural areas. Social worker jobs alleviate the lives of those living with life-threatening diseases; or those undergoing a social problem such as unemployment and inadequate housing. Some social worker jobs may also include an intervention in domestic conflicts or child abuse.

Sanctuary Personnel is a recruitment agency that makes it simple for social workers and employers to contact each other. They provide social services jobs throughout London, Birmingham, Manchester and the UK. Sanctuary Personnel provide social workers to local authorities and other public sector organizations. They lead the industry through a tie up with 130 local authorities; a connection which no other recruitment agency possesses. Due to this association, ‘sanctuary personnel’ offers many social worker jobs that cannot be listed by any other recruitment agency. This provision makes them and their services most sought after by employers and candidates. Their workforce is extremely qualified and helps individuals search for social work jobs along with making the application and compliance procedure trouble-free.

social work jobs usually require a BA / MA Social Work / DipSW / CCETSW, and applicants should be GSCC registered and approved to work in the UK. If you are a certified social worker, log on to and begin your search for the maximum number of jobs available in this sector. The personnel at sanctuary will be more than happy to assist you.

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