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Presentation Training and the latest in Presentation Design

It appears to have become a truth universally acknowledged that business presentations are boring: and if they are not drab, then they are toe-curlingly bad. Gimmicky graphics, baffling images, mickey-mouse PowerPoint design,uninspiring text matched by a hesitant, monotone explanation: it appears that most businesses accept that these are simply routineparts of the ritual disappointments which […]

Document management keeps confidential material safe

Up until the 1980s document management was better known as filing. Vast cabinets and bookshelves were filled with paperwork and other age-old material awaiting dust, disintegration and perhaps eventual disposal. In some cases, such as library and museum collections, much of this sort of physical material is highly valued; relevant for future generations of students […]

Next generation access is keeping businesses competitive

There is general agreement in the media that we all have connected lives these days. Apparently, the past few years have seen us all become iPhone users, incessantly downloading apps, addicted to Twitter and even starting riots or revolutions through recourse to the social networking services. But of course, this is not the case for […]

Document management services save time lost on administration

In the financial world of large corporations, businesses and banks, payments are made and received many thousands of times a day. These transactions must be made quickly and smoothly; there is little room for error because the work effected in this sector is fast-paced – as soon as one transaction has been made there will […]

Document management systems are more and more popular

Nowadays the importance of caring for the environment is the subject of a great number of very high-profile campaigns. document management and document processing are already very popular ways to reduce the amount of paper which your office gets through each year and as a result help to sustain the globe’s trees.  Invoice processing is […]