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Glass louvres -€“ putting employees and the environment first

The modern tendency for office buildings is large, open rooms with broad windows. This gives a fantastic impression of space and light, very different from older buildings in which you might have worked – which can feel more cramped and dark. However, the light open-plan office can come at the expense of comfort and the […]

External louvres have many and various functions

The corrosive effect of the sun has become more and more well-documented, and indeed more pronounced, over recent decades. This is not only for its corrosive effect upon human skin, but upon the planet, as the ozone layer thins and greenhouse gases warm up the atmosphere. Even the less crucial effects of sunlight, such as […]

Brise soleil can fix your overheating problems

The weather in the UK isn’t exactly consistent, and that can cause energy problems for architects and office buildings. In countries where the weather is more stable, it’s easier to come up with ways for the heat of the sun to be either used productively or reduced, whichever is most appropriate for the country in […]