Social services jobs may be a good career path for you

Social work jobs come in all shapes and types. Obviously there are many similarities between them, since they are all in the caring sector, but some social services jobs will require different skills to others. If you are considering a career in social worker jobs, it’s always a smart idea to look around and see what there is out there before applying and training. That way, you can get some experience under your belt as well as learning a bit more about the kinds of jobs you might enjoy doing, and those that just aren’t for you.

You can try volunteering – it doesn’t have to be for an extensive period of time, or a big weekly commitment. Just an afternoon or the odd hour here and there should give you a sense of what’s involved. Obviously, this is very important, since there is a huge difference between, say, looking after disabled teenagers and taking care of elderly people. Whatever the similarities, you’ll probably gravitate naturally more towards one of these than the other; for many people, one might throw them into terror, whilst the other sounds interesting and worth pursuing.

There’s some good news despite all the news of cuts at the moment, which is that the UK’s population distribution is changing. We are getting older – or more precisely, more of the population is going to be old at any one time. This is a result of the ‘baby boomer’ generation retiring, and over the next 20 years or so we are set to see a huge increase in the number of over-65s. Whilst this may place considerable pressure on resources, they will still need caring for, and so it seems likely that there will be increases in recruitment numbers for certain areas of social services, at least.

Another point to consider is not what is going to happen in the long term around the country, but what is going on near you now. There will likely be various different organisations and institutions in your nearby area that you could end up working at if you pursue social services jobs. The needs of different areas vary though, and so it might be an idea to look further from home. If you are prepared to relocate, then you will be able to apply for many more social work jobs in your sector. There are dedicated websites that collect and advertise social worker jobs, and checking these from time to time, or registering for news updates, will keep you posted on the sorts of vacancies there are available.

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