Kickboxing is fast becoming a popular way to stay fit

kickboxing may sound like a very demanding way in which to take exercise, but it is increasing in popularity as people look to counteract the boredom of sitting at a desk all day and then occasionally sitting on a machine in a gym, probably gazing at yet more screens. If you are thinking of taking up kickboxing London is an excellent city in which to find an instructor. It’s more than likely that there is now a kickboxing club a simple journey from where you live or from where you work.

Kickboxing is suitable for all ages and training is available for all abilities. It is a very effective way to get fit and to stay in shape, at the same time as having fun in a social setting. During a typical kickboxing class it is possible to burn up to a thousand calories and no special equipment is needed.

A constantly evolving martial art, common forms are generally a mixture of Karate, oriental kicking and punching, and western boxing. This is not to say, however, that it is dangerous or that participants risk getting hurt. Classes usually begin with thorough, full-body stretching, after which students learn basic kicks and punches and are taught to put together combinations. Once these have been mastered, students can begin practising attack and defence sequences with a partner. Lessons are normally non-contact, but separate classes can be organised for students who want to spar and make light contact.

Being a martial art, kickboxing is also an excellent form of self-defence. Taking a course in kickboxing can help you to avoid potentially threatening situations and will give you the ability to deal with them if they are unavoidable. In part this is due to the increased confidence which results from being physically in shape. Regular exercise can also help you to perform better at work and to sleep better at night. As the Romans used to say: ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, which translates as: ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

Kickboxing is a good way to build stamina and fitness. Joining a kickboxing club enables you to do this in a safe and fun environment. If you are bored of trying to tone your body, improve your flexibility, or reduce your cholesterol on your own then you should definitely consider kickboxing London can be a very stressful place in which to work and kickboxing can provide a welcome relief.

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