A kickboxing club will offer more than just sparring

Kickboxing is a popular past-time that offers a huge range of benefits. The right kickboxing club will – obviously – teach you the punches, kicks, blocks and dodges characteristic of this martial art, but much else besides. There is the sparring – otherwise known as fighting in fixed circumstances, determined by strict rules – by which participants prove their talent. But even this is optional, and there are lots of other reasons why you might decide to train in kickboxing. London is a particularly good city in which to practise, as it has so much variety.

Some of kickboxing’s benefits are clear. There is the fitness side of things, to begin with. Kickboxing is a style that has all-round fitness advantages, since it requires both explosive, anaerobic fitness (developed in the course of punching and kicking) and the aerobic stamina that is used in sparring. Since fights might go to several rounds, each of two or three minutes, this kind of fitness is a major asset. It doesn’t matter how strong your technique is if you are not fit enough to perform it; many fights are lost not through bad technique but simply tiredness. Then there is speed, and flexibility. In all kickboxing should bring a variety of fitness benefits, in a combination experienced in few other disciplines.

Self-defence and its associated confidence are other desirable benefits. Many people learn kickboxing so as to be able to look after themselves if the situation requires it. And yet, kickboxing alone may not be the best way to go about this. Some attacks are best dealt with in other ways (body grabs, strangles and so on). However, depending on your instructor’s approach, you may learn helpful techniques that lie outside the strict remit of kickboxing. In a self-defence situation, you are likely to need and use defences that are banned in the ring.

In all, kickboxing is a fantastic sport, but you need to know what you’re looking to gain from it when you choose a kickboxing club. If that’s merely fun and exercise, fine – plenty of people go along with the same intentions. Others are more interested in sparring and self-defence. The good news is that for kickboxing London has a wide range of clubs, and other martial arts to try. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in one, another will maybe cater to your needs. A bit of web-searching is all it takes to spot the right one.

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