Glass louvres -€“ putting employees and the environment first

The modern tendency for office buildings is large, open rooms with broad windows. This gives a fantastic impression of space and light, very different from older buildings in which you might have worked – which can feel more cramped and dark. However, the light open-plan office can come at the expense of comfort and the environment. Air circulation can be bad, and the enormous windows mean that the building can heat up fast – necessitating air conditioning in the summer – or be cold in the winter, with higher heating bills. A brise soleil will reduce direct sunlight (the chief cause of overheating) and the glare that can be uncomfortable and, depending on your line of work, destructive to materials. glass louvres can likewise reduce unwanted sunlight, are fitted to existing windows, and can be used in conjunction with solar PV generation. They can be adjusted. External louvres are another option, attached to brickwork and coming in a wide range of designs.

The advantages of these systems are several. Firstly, they reduce energy bills. Excess sunlight in the summer requires air conditioning to be installed if the building is to be at an acceptable temperature. Louvres cut out the high-angle and fierce summer or midday sun, whilst allowing in the heat and light at cooler times. This is especially the case if motorised louvres are used. That means you get the benefits in both summer and winter – reducing the need for heating.

Secondly, staff are more comfortable without the extremes of temperature, dryness and glare – meaning that they are more productive, too. Additionally, some materials are sensitive to bright sunlight. Paper can become brittle and inks fade; art galleries and design companies need to be particularly aware of this. However, at the same time these premises need to be airy and well lit to make the most of the contents – a hard balance to achieve.

Lastly, glass louvres or a brise soleil can be an attractive addition to a building, or even an aspect of its innate look if they are included at the design stage. External louvres can be very attractive if installed properly and in the correct style. These three reasons – energy efficiency, comfort and appearance – should give every business reason to consider investigating these means of controlling the amount of sunlight and heat that enter their room. They come in a huge range of designs, suitable for almost any kind of building.

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Bacs payments allow you to automate your accounts set-up

Since bacs came onto the scene in the late 1960s, it has grown in popularity until now, some 44 years later, when it is used by the majority of organisations in the UK. Bankers automated clearing services allows financial transactions to be processed electronically, meaning that cash and cheques are no longer necessary for the vast number of large payments – anything from wage packages to bills. Bacs software allows businesses, charities and other organisations to enjoy the benefits of this, which are numerous. Consequently, those groups which do not make bacs payments are becoming fewer and fewer in number. One of the obvious benefits of bacs is security. Transferring funds electronically means that money does not have to be handed over in person, and cheques do not have to be filled out or cashed. The potential vulnerabilities of online processing notwithstanding, this makes for safer payments. This is of particular use to employers with large numbers of staff; pay day would entail keeping significant quantities of cash on the premises, or else writing large numbers of cheques.

Speed is another benefit. Bacs clears within a maximum of three working days, but in reality it is usually much faster. FPS (faster payments service) is almost instant, meaning that money appears in the recipient’s account almost immediately after it has been transferred.

But one of the most significant benefits to businesses and other organisations is the automation of accounting processes that bacs allows. Bacs software can be integrated with accounting software. This results in a far higher degree of predictability for finances and a better oversight of cashflow. Payments can be scheduled for a particular point in the month – pay day being the perfect example – and so surprises due to unpredictable payments are less likely to occur. This means that overdrafts and interest charges are less likely to be used and applied.

All in all, there are many reasons why organisations have adopted bacs payments and are continuing to do so. The chief benefit of bacs comes down to convenience – and the peace of mind that results from that. bacs software allows payments to be automated, as well as being carried out safely and swiftly. Speed is still occasionally an issue, but FPS has circumvented this in the vast majority of cases (some 95 percent). In any case, CHAPS and SWIFT processing are available for an additional fee, and these have a guaranteed (same day) time frame.

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Document management keeps confidential material safe

Up until the 1980s document management was better known as filing. Vast cabinets and bookshelves were filled with paperwork and other age-old material awaiting dust, disintegration and perhaps eventual disposal. In some cases, such as library and museum collections, much of this sort of physical material is highly valued; relevant for future generations of students and historians or delicate to the extent that it would be unsafe to scan. Much of this material, however, is less precious, at least in cultural heritage terms. And much of it will still be in a state that will easily survive computerisation through scanning. And once physical documents have been scanned they are just so much easier to process. In fact, document processing in this day and age can for the most part totally bypass the printer; it can all be done through computer management processes that create less daily waste and help keep offices in tip top shape. Invoice processing is almost certainly a job that can be done paper free. Clients will be glad of this; it means that their payments can be made and received quickly and in a totally transparent fashion.

Learning to manage documents properly is a skill of utmost relevance to almost everyone in employment and in particular those who run businesses. From the independent freelancer to the multinational corporation, few companies can afford and certainly do not want to waste time and money. For the freelancer, who can only take on the amount of work they have time for, and will not want to spend as much time making out invoices and storing data as they must dedicate for the task in hand, this would clearly be a false economy. As such, a document management system can be put in place, whereby computer files are suitably labelled according to their subject matter and date. At the other end of the scale, a multinational corporation will have huge volumes of data and money incoming and outgoing daily. Balancing the books in this instance is therefore fundamental even for outwardly successful companies to ensure they stay afloat: if outgoings are delayed a false impression could be given of one’s profits and business could easily slide into decline.

Small and medium-sized businesses ensure their long-term health by building great relationships with their customers, many of whom will trust them with confidential information. From banking details needed for invoice processing, to health records requiring judicious document management, client data must be safely saved and easy to retrieve. Good document processing practice will ensure information stays safe.

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School clothes to satisfy children and their elders

School uniforms have something of a bad reputation. Many of us remember our formative years spent stuffed into itchy or ill-fitting garments that had to serve us equally well during the most gruelling of maths classes and in the most exciting and fast-paced of playtimes. Normally our school clothes were unable to live up to the ridiculously high and wide-ranging expectations our parents and teachers looked to have set them. Thus many of us will remember returning home from school with a frayed sweatshirt cuff, a fallen hem, an ink-stained shirt or muddy trouser knees. And when the clothes didn’t get to a state beyond repair in one of these ways they were often handed down to our siblings so that they could subject them to an even worse fate. These, however, are the school uniforms of the past. These days the London schoolwear supplier has grown savvy: they have begun to supply a greater range of uniforms in better fits and in more suitable materials than ever before.

The suppliers really do live in material worlds and in some scenarios will have thoroughly done their homework in terms of locating the best textiles for young ones to wear at school. That means they have found fabrics that are comfortable, durable, breathable and easy to maintain. Teflon is often incorporated into trousers and skirts these days to give the garments suffering from most wear and tear the best chances of survival. Sometimes Teflon even comes coated in a scotchguard, which makes clothes more resistant to stains and less dependent on ironing to keep them crease-free and presentable. This point is crucial for mums and dads, who are just as concerned about the latest developments in uniform as their kids are – because it’s the mums and dads who get landed with the job of washing and drying their little one’s outfits.

School uniforms can be a source of pride and joy when they’re chosen carefully. Evidently there are the guidelines of specific schools to heed but if you’ve got a list of requirements, or merely the name of your child’s school, the London schoolwear supplier can give you what you need.  In fact, many suppliers go further than their call of duty and provide leisurewear, Girl Guides and Scout uniforms, ballet shoes and leotards, football shorts and hockey sticks as well as the essential school clothes. You can even order online and have the all-important trying-on session from the comfort of your own home.

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External louvres have many and various functions

The corrosive effect of the sun has become more and more well-documented, and indeed more pronounced, over recent decades. This is not only for its corrosive effect upon human skin, but upon the planet, as the ozone layer thins and greenhouse gases warm up the atmosphere. Even the less crucial effects of sunlight, such as damage to fabrics, paints and paper, can be catastrophic in the case of, for instance, valuable works of art. Brise soleil and shading systems such as glass louvres can go a long way towards preserving from such damage. And external louvres do not have to be only useful. Indeed, nowadays all sorts of designs are available, and more and more architects are using louvres not only as extras but as vital parts of a building.

Brise soleil prioritises sustainability by disallowing direct sunlight from entering a building. Direct sunlight is the chief cause of heat gain and so money is saved on air conditioning, and discomfort diminished. Natural ventilation becomes a practical option instead. Controlling the flow of heat and light energy keeps buildings comfortably cool in summer. Other advantages include reduced glare and increased privacy. Unlike other designs, which may deal with one or two of these issues but not all, brise soleil forms a total solution to light prevention.

Glass louvres are a very aesthetic alternative with great environmental advantages and can be engineered to fit a wide range of requirements. With glass louvres, your brise soleil can be tailor-cut, etched, silk-screened, coated or coloured to your precise specifications. Whether your building is new or being refurbished, the flexibility is there to fit louvres in a number of ways, including fixed or motorised positions.

For highly tough shading, external louvres made from aluminium and stainless steel can weather high winds and snow loads. Various fixings and colour coatings are again available to blend these louvres in with their environment. These lightweight frames which minimise vibration can develop the façade of any commercial or public building.

Installing brise soleil in the form of glass louvres or external louvres is the perfect solution to ensure the longevity of materials, and can greatly reduce running costs. What is more, technology is now being developed to install PV solar cells within louvres and not only save energy but create it too. Shading systems are the only choice for environmentally aware architecture.

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Next generation access is keeping businesses competitive

There is general agreement in the media that we all have connected lives these days. Apparently, the past few years have seen us all become iPhone users, incessantly downloading apps, addicted to Twitter and even starting riots or revolutions through recourse to the social networking services. But of course, this is not the case for many of us who recognise the media to be viewing the world through a London, or at least urban-centric lens. In fact the use, and even availability, of recent technological tools differs greatly in the UK – usually favouring the city dwellers. Those who live in rural areas, meanwhile, are often outsiders to the so-called broadband revolution. And this situation is undesirable, only worsening the UK’s North-South divide. Happily, there are several plans underway to help narrow this divide: ICT infrastructure projects, next generation access programmes and community broadband services are all receiving increased investment. The benefits may frequently seem over-hyped but a large proportion of them are becoming indispensable for social and commercial integration today.

Take social networks and cheap video calling services, for example: many parents with adult children and grandchildren find these internet resources to be a real blessing. Among their benefits are the way in which they allow frequent, low-cost contact and sharing of important files such as videos and photographs of loved ones. Obviously this kind of contact will never replace face-to-face family get-togethers but it does superbly complement real-life contact, particularly in cases where sons and daughters are living miles away, even abroad. But praise of the above resources can all too often only be made by inhabitants of areas well-served by internet providers. As we have already acknowledged, the best broadband connections do not always reach Britain’s rural parts so the work currently underway to correct this unjust state of affairs is something we should support.

Reliable internet connections also have a positive influence on businesses. next generation access projects are helping to secure these connections through ICT infrastructure developments. Certainly, it is becoming unthinkable these days for a company not to be searchable on google or for it not to be contactable by email. Business is often boosted through email correspondence and extra online advertising. Community broadband is therefore not only beneficial to friends and family but essential to Britain’s economy.

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London kickboxing classes – work out a bit of office stress

London kickboxing classes come in all different types, and at different times of the day and week. That means that if you’re looking for a London kickboxing club, there will almost certainly be something that suits you. Whether or not you keep regular office hours, there will be a venue and an instructor teaching at a time that’s convenient. So why might you want to try kickboxing London is a busy, stressful place, and that can start to get on top of people after a while. Long-term stress can be a cause of depression and other conditions, mental and physical. Stress is supposed to be a short-term solution to an immediate problem – something that can be addressed by fight or flight. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the stress response isn’t actually that helpful.

That means you end up feeling the unwelcome effects of stress for a long time, which can be detrimental to your health. Stress is supposed to prepare you for physical action, which is why exercise is such a great stress buster. So, instead of putting up with it, storing problems up for the future, why not put your stress to good use?

Kickboxing is great exercise – a great way of beating stress and a fantastic workout. It balances cardio and strength training, as well as giving you speed, flexibility and confidence. And, of course, the ability to take care of yourself should you need to. You will probably meet some people who become really good friends there, since everyone is in the same boat – helping each other to learn a martial art. Of course, there will be competition too, especially once you progress to the point where you might want to spar. But this is done under controlled conditions, and only when you are ready.

So, all in all, London kickboxing classes could be a great solution for all that pent-up anxiety associated with the 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6, in many cases). A London kickboxing club is a fantastic place to head after working hours or at the weekend to burn off some steam, lose a few pounds, make some friends and learn a practical martial art with like-minded people. For kickboxing London offers many different places to train. Most of these will offer one or two free sessions before you sign up (you will eventually need to buy insurance and membership, as well as a few other bits of kit).

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Bacs payments made with outstanding levels of efficiency

It doesn’t matter what kind or what size of business you are in, it is inevitable that it has in common with all businesses the need to make and receive payments. Indeed, the very definition of the word business infers the practice of buying or selling goods or services. The most commercially successful businesses tend to be those that make the most exchanges; for those with their sights set on topping the market, buying and selling the right things at the right price becomes an art to be repeated as frequently as possible. With an increased number of exchanges comes an increased level of responsibility, however, clients will expect to pay for and receive their goods quickly and without encountering mistakes or delays. bacs software can help meet these clients’ demands by minimizing errors and time lapses because, quite simply, BACS payments are both efficient and almost infallible. There was once a time when BACS were synonymous with slowness – sometimes taking over three days to clear. Now it is a different story; these automated payments represent one of the fastest and surest methods of exchanging money.

The improved service offered by BACS means that increasing numbers of businesses are using this payment method to effect the transactions they are involved in. The fact that one improvement has been in security has been a key factor in this increase: high levels of security really are paramount in business because not only do they keep businesses’ secrets confidential and their revenue protected against fraud, they also safeguard the banking and personal details of clients.

Customers who feel respected by the businesses they deal with are much more likely to use a company’s services or invest in their goods again. Indeed, in the inverse situation clients who feel badly treated are likely to complain and damage the reputation of a business. Altogether, businesses and their clients are advised to use BACS software to make and receive their BACS payments. Anything other than bacs has simply not stood the test of time and proved itself to be efficient.

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Document management services save time lost on administration

In the financial world of large corporations, businesses and banks, payments are made and received many thousands of times a day. These transactions must be made quickly and smoothly; there is little room for error because the work effected in this sector is fast-paced – as soon as one transaction has been made there will be another lined up and returning to correct errors will entail a loss of time and profit. Sometimes, a very small matter overlooked will have far-reaching consequences. Evidently, financial workers are only human and mistakes have traditionally been seen as unavoidable when they occur only once in a while. Now, however, though the bankers are still human, the organisations that have begun using the services of other companies specialising in invoice processing technologies are far less prone to error. This is because certain technologies can offer a helping hand and an additional stage of checking through exemplary document management and document processing solutions.

The statistics really do speak for themselves in this sector: some leading document management technology companies support more than 9000 customers with many of the FTSE 100 figuring among them. How could so many clients be wrong? Indeed, they are not mistaken, they have quite simply had the perspicacity to realise that they could be making their company far more productive if they welcome some of the positive solutions that have been thrown up in the technological age.

Document processing, to define the beneficial technologies better, helps to take the stress out of transactional documents by making them more streamlined: processes can be automated and managed digitally, for example, by specialist software packages that have been developed to enhance levels of speed, accuracy and control in AP processes. document management becomes easier as a result because the need to get through mountains of paper-based invoices that limit productivity has quite simply disappeared. The benefits of invoice processing are similar, only here it should be noted that not only time is being saved but so, directly, is money. In all of this, there is no need to worry that transactions will be taken out of your hands or that you will lose the capacity to track the progress of your bank; the above technologies keep visible records of all exchanges.

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Hospitality jobs Singapore blend work and travel

So many people find their jobs unstimulating in our modern climate where computers dominate. A vast number of workers are forced to work in stuffy offices. No wonder these people start dreaming of travelling to far-flung foreign locations where they could discover a new way of life. Normally the average worker will find it tricky to realize these dreams as the expense of travelling abroad and the difficulties in getting time off stand as major obstructions. Opportunities are actually very accessible to people with work experience in the hospitality sector, however: Hotel jobs Dubai, hospitality jobs singapore and Hotel jobs Gulf are all viable options that can be looked into with Asia Caterer, for example, where work can be combined with travel.

Starting to look for hospitality job opportunities abroad can of course be a nerve-wracking prospect. There are so many places to choose from, and many people will be afraid of not being able to get by without knowing the language of the locale that appeals to them the most. For those with their hearts set on hospitality jobs in Asia though, the language problem will be far less of an issue than in many other destinations; most hotel guests, restaurant goers, etc. will have a good command of English. Furthermore, the job-hunting process could turn out to be a lot more straightforward than job seekers had previously imagined.

A good place to start job hunting will be on a job and careers website that restricts the search for employment to just Asia, and just hospitality jobs. The kind of opportunities listed will still be broad – ranging in place from hotel jobs Dubai to hospitality jobs Singapore. Importantly though, this list won’t be overwhelming. Indeed, job and careers websites that focus on a niche in the market will help people looking for jobs abroad secure the position they want, where they want it.

There is no need for UK workers with experience in hospitality jobs to think their dreams are in unrealistic then, nor to fear the move abroad. Niche careers websites advertising hotel jobs Dubai and hospitality jobs singapore will even offer CV tips and advice. Hotel jobs Gulf have never been more accessible to those with exotic ambitions.

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