External louvres have many and various functions

The corrosive effect of the sun has become more and more well-documented, and indeed more pronounced, over recent decades. This is not only for its corrosive effect upon human skin, but upon the planet, as the ozone layer thins and greenhouse gases warm up the atmosphere. Even the less crucial effects of sunlight, such as damage to fabrics, paints and paper, can be catastrophic in the case of, for instance, valuable works of art. Brise soleil and shading systems such as glass louvres can go a long way towards preserving from such damage. And external louvres do not have to be only useful. Indeed, nowadays all sorts of designs are available, and more and more architects are using louvres not only as extras but as vital parts of a building.

Brise soleil prioritises sustainability by disallowing direct sunlight from entering a building. Direct sunlight is the chief cause of heat gain and so money is saved on air conditioning, and discomfort diminished. Natural ventilation becomes a practical option instead. Controlling the flow of heat and light energy keeps buildings comfortably cool in summer. Other advantages include reduced glare and increased privacy. Unlike other designs, which may deal with one or two of these issues but not all, brise soleil forms a total solution to light prevention.

Glass louvres are a very aesthetic alternative with great environmental advantages and can be engineered to fit a wide range of requirements. With glass louvres, your brise soleil can be tailor-cut, etched, silk-screened, coated or coloured to your precise specifications. Whether your building is new or being refurbished, the flexibility is there to fit louvres in a number of ways, including fixed or motorised positions.

For highly tough shading, external louvres made from aluminium and stainless steel can weather high winds and snow loads. Various fixings and colour coatings are again available to blend these louvres in with their environment. These lightweight frames which minimise vibration can develop the fa├žade of any commercial or public building.

Installing brise soleil in the form of glass louvres or external louvres is the perfect solution to ensure the longevity of materials, and can greatly reduce running costs. What is more, technology is now being developed to install PV solar cells within louvres and not only save energy but create it too. Shading systems are the only choice for environmentally aware architecture.

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