ABC’s of picking a presentation design company

When there are clients to get back to, staff to manage and crucial decisions to consider, sometimes presentation design goes to the wall. It’s only natural that when deciding to spend time either on generating plans, or crafting the presentation of those plans, many people decide to stick to what they’re good at – the ideas – and leave the communication to a presentation design company.

But what can a presentation design company do for a business – and how can a business pick a good one?

All they have to do is use the A, B, C of finding good presentation design.

A for Ambition

When outsourcing, businesses sometimes look for the easiest option, and that can also mean the cheapest. However, there is a huge range of capability in communications and design professionals, and it can be hard for the layperson to tell the difference.

The aim of a good presentation isn’t to wow an audience with tricks and flashy effects – it’s to make sure that the ideas being presented stick in their minds. This requires a level of subtle skill possessed by the most ambitious and skilled design professionals. Picking a company based on price may result in a presentation full of dull, overused effects and no substance, which might well strike a non-communications professional as good enough, but will turn off an audience.

B for Backing

Many copywriting or graphic design companies treat presentation design as a handy extra, but are not necessarily familiar with the best tools for each job. One of the advantages of using a presentation design company is that the people working for it are not just familiar with, but embedded daily in, the various pieces of software used to design presentations – from good old PowerPoint to the newest start up tools. The best way to judge a company’s dedication to presentations is to look at its relationships with design software manufacturers. If a company participates in industry events, gains certifications and partnerships, and can tell new clients about the latest developments in a presentation software company, they’re indicating that they know what they’re doing.

C for Communication

Communication is at the heart of every presentation, so why choose a presentation design company which doesn’t know how to communicate? If a company’s website doesn’t clearly show their identity and what makes them superior to others, businesses shouldn’t bother using them to their presentations. After all, they want a presentation which quickly shows what makes their own ideas superior and unique – and why hire a design company whose website and other communication materials don’t showcase their ability to do that for themselves?

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