Interested in Kickboxing? Looking for a Kickboxing Club? What you need to know..

kickboxing is the way to get a complete body workout.  It is also a great stress reliever, which is great for your mental health too!  Why not join a Kickboxing Club?  Then you can enjoy all the benefits it can deliver.

  • Kickboxing Improves  Stamina & Flexibility
  • Work in a Group or Get Personal Training from People with Experience
  • Boost Confidence – Learn Self Defence Techniques.
  • Reduce Stress
  • Train & Improve in a Safe Environment

If all those things sound good to you, and they should! Why not check out some of the Kickboxing Clubs near you?

  • Kickboxing is a form of Martial Art. It requires discipline, skill, strength and flexibility, and that means training.  Training improves speed, endurance, balance and coordination.
  • Kickboxing is a tough workout.  However, there are a lot of benefits.  Research shows that a person can burn up to 450 calories and hour in a Kickboxing Class!  You can really burn that body to the max by going one on one with a personal Kickboxing Trainer!
  • Kickboxing improves confidence.  Learning Karate based Self Defence moves helps many people feel more empowered.
  • Many people find that Kickboxing reduces their stress levels.  All that discipline and physical exercise can soon kick out all those everyday frustrations

If you live in London, there are plenty of Kickboxing Clubs to choose from.  However, you should realise, one Kickboxing London Club is not the same as another.

The roots of modern Kickboxing originated in Asia.  The modern forms of Kickboxing we know today, began in the competitive Arena, around the seventies.  Full contact kicking and punching had been banned in Karate.  Therefore, Kickboxing was introduced, and developed, by Karate experts who wanted full contact competition reintroduced

Over the years, safety concerns have changed the face of Kickboxing.  Today there are many different forms.  This is why, you will find that one Kickboxing London Club is not be the same as another.  Aerobic Kickboxing is not a contact sport, although it does involve elements of boxing and some Martial Arts.  An Aerobic Kickboxing Club is all about physical fitness and conditioning, and this is something that appeals to many people.  However, there are other Kickboxing London Clubs that are more competitive.  The Kickboxing here concentrates more on the Karate and learning various oriental kick moves.  Along with western style boxing and self defence techniques.

Before Signing up there are a few basic things you should remember:

  • Accept your limitations – you won’t do yourself any favours if you sign up for Kickboxing classes that are beyond your capabilities.  Be honest with the trainers and let them to lead the way.
  • A Kickboxing Club that will allow you to try out a class, is definitely in your favour.
  • With regards to Aerobic Kickboxing, look for a certified Fitness Instructor.  For competitive Kickboxing, look experienced instructors.
  • It is a good idea to have a physical check over before joining a kickboxing Club.  Definitely, if you have any conditions, such as Asthma, are overweight, or have diabetes.
  • Be prepared!  Loose clothes and plenty of water.  You’ll be glad of them both afterwards.  Believe it!

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