Why are Rugged PC systems different?

What is an Embedded PC?
An Embedded PC is a dedicated computer created to perform specific functions.  In this way, an Embedded PC is not the same as your, usual, personal computer.  The personal computers we use everyday can multi task.  Even so, most of us use an Embedded PC, almost as much as our personal computers. Because Embedded PC systems are implemented in many common devices.  It is just not so obvious they are being use!  An Embedded PC can be used in digital watches, MP4 Players, and the traffic lights, for instance.

Why so important?
Because an Embedded PC is design specific, it can be extremely optimized, to perform that specific task.  Making them more reliable, and better equipped to perform that task.  Let me put it another way.  There is a lot of difference between hiring an odd job man, to calling a specialist.  Not that the odd job man doesn‘t have his uses, just as our personal PC’s are.  Even so, there are times when we need something more specific, and that is where an Embedded PC comes into play. After all, where would we all be without a specialist? Or two… Another plus, with an Embedded PC, is that they can be utilised alone.  Therefore, costs can be less.  No point buying the entire house when you just want a garage!

Is an Embedded PC different to a rugged pc?
The basic answer to that is, Yes.  Even so, they do have one thing in common.  A Rugged PC is design specific, just like an Embedded PC.  A Rugged PC is specifically designed to withstand severe conditions.  That could be anything; dust; damp; vibration; temperature.  A Rugged PC is normally made of a tough Magnesium Steel alloy, and can be up to twenty times tougher than everyday, retail laptops. The hard drives are always mounted and reinforced.  A Rugged PC can be a specific design desktop, laptop, or PDA. These computers  are design specific, in relation to where they are going to be implemented. Whereas, an Embedded PC is design specific to it’s function.  That is, what it is used for, not what location it is used in.

Embedded Transport PC
How complex, and how big an Embedded PC is variable.  The term, Embedded PC, is not relative to how big the unit is, physically, it relates to how big its is, functionally.  The term refers to its specific, singular use.  A Rugged PC is fabricated for the job, from the beginning .  Just like an Embedded PC.  As a rule, upgrading regular commercial units won’t work.  For instance, in the case of military and construction trucks, or emergency and public transport vehicles, a Rugged PC is more or less important.  In these instances, it is vital that everything keeps on the move, so to speak.  Onboard computers in locations like these can be subject to some costly hazards.  Even so, a Rugged PC can take the punishment.  Whereas, a normal PC almost certainly wouldn’t.

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